Merger or Acqusition

merging business, culture and social behavior - choosing the right one


An external view might help you to adress all important points and gives you a clear understanding of the path to a successful merger or acquisition.


Your next merger or acquisition is not only a financial one but also a merger or acquisition of culture, social behavior and sometimes even emotions.


Ask yourself, if the unit fits your product or service portfolio, common markets, production or distribution lines and what will be a possible and likely financial impact. Then, ask yourself, does the acquired unit fit in your company's cultural and social behavior.



  • potential and risk analysis - bying or not bying
    • ​market
    • product
    • customers
    • production
    • distribution channel
    • employees and management
    • culture
    • currency risk
    • risk in short term liquidity
    • action plan
  • valuation of company/assets and liabilities
  • defining a possible price range
  • strategic planning



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