Your next merger or acquisition is not only a financial one but also a merger or acquisition of culture, social behavior and sometimes even emotions.


Ask yourself, if the unit fits your product or service portfolio, common markets, production or distribution lines and what will be a possible and likely financial impact. Then, ask yourself, does the acquired unit fit in your company's cultural and social behavior.



Supporting your Merger or Acquisition

merging business, culture and social behavior

Merger or Acquisition

choosing the right one

An external view might help you to adress all important points and gives you a clear understanding of the path to a successful merger or acquisition.

Case study

by Anke Wittig, Harvard Extension School

This sample case covers business portfolio analysis, potentials and challanges, pricing and culture


übernehmen oder neu gründen

Bevor Sie eine Entscheidung treffen überlegen Sie, ob die Übernahme eines bestehenden Betriebes für Sie stimmig ist und welchen Preis Sie dafür maximal zahlen sollten.

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